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My journey with models started in 2009.

I proudly represent Stratus Aeroclub in Chojna.

Since 2017, me and my partner, Sylwia, train together to fly in competitions and airshows.

My career in aerobatics began in F3M, where

Maciej Idczak

Karol Szendi
Pilot Intermediate
and  judge

I can honestly say, that moddeling has been a part of my life, thanks to my dad, since the very beggining. I started off with line models and then  transitioned to R/C with the legendary Polish Wicherek equipped with a 3.5cc Webr motor. 

When I was 14, i was noticed by the late Zygmunt Janecki, whor ran the Lubuski Aeroclub, and he

Maciej Idczak
National Director
Advanced pilot and judge

convinced us, my father and I, to attend our first junior F3A competition. Since then, R/C aerobatics have become my lifes biggest passion. I joined IMAC thanks to Maciej Idczak, and after a nearly 20 year hiatus, I've returned to competitive flying. 

Besides R/C, I love basketball and movies, with good company and some wine.

Lukasz Derda
Jakub Baran

competitions   and with the development of time and my technical abilities, I transitioned to aerobatic models. I first heard about IMAC in 2010, when I was in Italy for the first time, at a competition.

Since then, I have taken a great interest in the matter and eventually I was offered the position of National Coordinator, a function that I continue to perform to this day

Model pilot since the age of 7, my journey started on a small hill near my town, where I used to fly a 1m wingspan glider. I inherited my passion from my father, who had a lot of success in both the national and international arena. He would make the most beautiful models I can ever remember seeing. In the begining,I would take part in glider 

Jakub Baran 
Pilot Unlimited and Freestyle
Sylwia Falkowska - technical support

I've been flying models since I was 9, however my interest in aviation was sparked a lot earlier. 
I started with hand thrown models and with time my models started becoming more complex.
And so after I went through gliders, small electric models, then through balsa models, I got to where I am today; large acrobatic models, which thus far have offered me the most satisfaction.
I came to the conclusion, that the best way for 

me to further develop my  skills as a pilot, was to take part in IMAC competitions and I was not mistaken. I come back from each event with multiple bags of knowledge and experiences, which only encourages me to train further and each time I cant wait for the next event. I come from Warsaw, and it is here, that I spend the most time honing in my skills.
For 2022 my model was a 2.7m Extra 300 with a GP123 motor.
For 2023 I am planning to build a 2.9m Extreme Flight tj. Slick 580, with a GP178.

Luke Derda
Pilot Sportsman

 I flew in the National category. Currently we fly in IMAC, in the UNLIMITED and FREESTYLE category.

Our equipment: 

Motors: 3W Modelmottoren, GP Engines / Exhausts JMB Mufflers / Props: Falcon, BB Komposit.

Servos: Savox, Futaba / power suply: PowerBox Systems / Transmiter: Futaba 18MZ, Futaba 12MZ.

Sponsors and partners: The Virus Krzysztof Barabach, MS Car Design Mirosław Sałam, Proexpert – Roman Zieliński, CanopyCover.rc, jps.rc – Jacek Szczepaniak, Ol-pen Model – Radek Oleksy, RC Trax, JMB Muffler, BB Komposit

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Jakub Baran -


Maciej Mazurek
Advanced pilot and referee

Hi, I'm Maciek, you may know me in the moddeling world as #RC Maciek Pilot :)

I've been in the hobby since my youngest years and love 3D flying. I train precision flying in IMAC and in the winter I mainly fly F3P indoors.

My passion for R/C has transformed into a lifestyle - I work as a pilot.


Maciej Mazurek
Mirosław Sałam

Mirosław Sałam
Pilot Advanced

I've been flying since I was a child, my first flight was on a Wicherek 15 at the age of 9. After a short while, I moved to aerobatic models. I've been flying F3A competitions since the age of 12 and in almost 10 years of participating, I've been part of the national team many times. My journey with IMAC began in 2017, when on a borrowed model, I took  part in a friendly competition in Wiśniewo.  

In my dozen or so years of flying, I've won the Polish Championship in F3A in 2005, repeatedly stood on the podium for F3P and Aeromusical, taken part in mutiple F3A competitions among many other achievements.

In 2023, I will be flying in the ADVANCED category.

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