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How did IMAC Europeans happen?

In August 2022, we met with the managers of the Leszno airport on the occasion of the 31st Aircraft Aerobatics Championship in the Unlimited class (31st WAC), which was held in Leszno.

We quickly bonded over our passion for acrobatics and organizing spectacular sports events. In just 9 months, we have prepared the first ever IMAC European Championships called IMAC Europeans 2023

Cast and categories:

90 pilots from 16 countries took part in the competition. The competition was held in 4 precision aerobatics categories (SPORTSMAN, INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED, UNLIMITED) and an additional and most spectacular Freestyle category, in which every pilot could take part, provided he participated in one of the precision classes.

Competition organization:

There were at least 100 competition flights on each of the 5 days of the competition, and in the first days of the competition this number reached 180! To be able to handle such a huge number of competition flights, an international team was needed. The organizing team consisted of 6 people from 3 countries!

The competition was held in the northern part of the Leszno Airport on three specially prepared starting lines, which allowed for simultaneous evaluation of three competition flights at the same time. This unprecedented solution was possible thanks to the flexibility combined with the professionalism of the Leszno Airport team.

Judges and scoring system:

Not only the pilots have been preparing for the IMAC Europeans for a long time. The referee team also had to prepare thoroughly for the largest competition in the history of IMAC. The judges attended a total of 6 online sessions, 3 hours each, to deepen their theoretical knowledge. Then, each judge started the competition season together with the pilots.

The judging team consisted of 16 people from 7 countries - Italy (6), Germany (3), Poland (2), Israel (2), Czech Republic (1), Hungary (1), Spain (1).

Below we present the results of IMAC Europeans 2023 in all categories played and links to the IMAC Europe YouTube channel where you can follow the course of the competition and get to know IMAC "from the inside".

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