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IMAC Bootcamp

Boot Camp Photo Gallery

This training meeting is dedicated to all those who intend to learn the principles of precision aerobatics and Freestyle in order to get closer to the world of IMAC competitions.

Prospering IMAC pilots and judges are trained using the same educational content.  In the world of IMAC, pilots often act as judges in categories of flights in which they do not participate directly. 


The practical part of this course allows pilots to improve the handling of their aircraft and improve their flight technique, under the supervision of an international class pilot and instructor.

During Boot Camp, participants will learn how to:

  1. Prepare their model for precision flying,

  2. Program the radio to facilitate maneuvers,

  3. Understand the structure of IMAC aerobatic programs and read the symbolism of Aresti,

  4. Learn the criteria for evaluating IMAC precision maneuvers,

  5. Get to know the criteria for evaluating Freestyle competition,

  6. Develop an individual training plan,

  7. Test your flight technique with the supervision of an instructor.

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